To build a rich intellectual potential embedded with inter-disciplinary knowledge, human values and professional ethics among the youth, aspirant of becoming engineers and technologists, so that they contribute to the society and create a niche for a successful career.


Our endevour is to play a major role in computer science and information technology by promoting innovative work in software engineering, human-computer interaction, intelligent systems and electronic commerce. We intend to impart academic training to our undergraduate and postgraduate students enabling them to position themselves as problem solvers both for commerce and non-commerce sectors.


There were two fundamentals paradigms in science and engineering about two decades ago - physical experimentation and mathematical analysis. Today, computer-based simulation and visualisation has emerged as the third one. Computers are most powerful tools to access information. Their true power has been transforming all aspects of life : commerce, education, employment, health care, manufacturing, government, communication and all of science and engineering. It is no more a mere computing device but has extended its intellectual partnerships with other disciplines - from astronomy to biology, from law to libraries, and from education to business. The giant like corporations such as Microsoft,, Adobe and many other large and medium scale software companies have made the world boundaryless. Department of Computer Science and Engineering was started in 1990 with an intake of 40 students and the present intake is 60. The department offers a broad based undergraduate programme in computer science and engineering. The course curriculum is comprehensive and aims to provide a sound theoretical concepts coupled with hands on experience on the best solution frameworks. The course curricula have been designed mainly to focus on the following thrust areas - Computer Networks - Databases - Software systems - Embedded Systems. In addition to the various other allied fields, basic Sciences and management.

    Dr Harsh Verma
   Asstt Professor & Head
    Department of Computer Science and Engineering
    Dr B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology


 Dr Ajay K Sharma  Professor  Ph D
 Dr A L Sangal  Professor (on lien as Registrar)  Ph D
 Dr Harsh K Verma  Asstt Professor & Head  Ph D
 Sh D K Gupta  Lecturer (Selection Grade)  B E
 Dr Renu Dhir  Lecturer (Selection Grade)  Ph D
 Ms Geeta Sikka   Lecturer (Selection Grade)   M Tech
 Sh Rahul Aggarwal   Lecturer (Selection Grade)  B Tech
 Ms Rajneesh Rani   Lecturer  M Tech

Professional Association of Computer Engineers (PACE)

Some of the activities of PACE are as under:
  • Sanganak 2003, National Level Technical Symposium, More than 100 Papers were presented by the Participants from various NITs, IITs, Universities and other Institutes Across the Country
  • Academic-cum-Personality Development Programmes, Interface-2001, 2002 and 2003.
  • Yogesh Mishra, Technical Writing Published by Click Team for 3-D.
  • Conversion of GEO-TIFF Image format into PXL (A new Image Format) accepted for Publication in International Journal GIS Development. Net.
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